Lunes 08 de Julio de 2019

Spelling Bee at La Maisonnette

On Thursday July 4th, the English department held their first Spelling Bee. Girls from 2nd grade to 8th grade participated in a fun and challenging experience!
The purpose, behind the Spelling bee, is to improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary and teach them competitive spirit, as well as enhance their confidence in the use of English.
It was a wonderful experience and we are very proud of our students! Let’s keep the good work and hope to see you next year!
The English Department 
And the winners are:
2nd grade
First: Clara Vives
Second: Daisy Scarbrough
Third: Elisa Arellano
3rd grade:
First: Juliana Méndez
Second: Sofía Iturriaga
Third: Celeste Kramer
4th grade:
First: Isabel Díaz
Second: Ignacia Huerta
Third: Sofía Pancorvo
5th grade:
First: Fernanda Herrera
Second: Belén Barraza
Third: Esperanza Pons
6th grade:
First: Stella Marino
Second: Josefa Súnico
Third: Naia Silva
7th grade:
First: Fiorenza Luxardo
Second: Josefina Duke
Third: Florencia Silva
8th grade:
First: Catalina Blumen
Second: Amelia Duclos
Third: Daniela Caro