Lunes 29 de Octubre de 2018

POETRY CONTEST : 3rd grade to 8th grade

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Nowadays we live in an age of science; an age of knowledge, instead of shrewdness. This has brought numerous extraordinary things. However, science is incapable, and continuously will be, of clarifying the beginnings of time and the universe, the root of life, or how it could be that human creatures may, at last, get to be able of living in fair and genuine ways with one another. For these sorts of questions, questions not of fact or theory, but of our humanity, poetry will always be essential.

This is the reason why our students from 3rd grade to 8th grade took part in a poetry recitation contest organized by the ESU (English Speaking Union) and hosted at Saint George’s school on October 11th and 12th October.

Eager to participate, our students received a list of poems, chose one and then practiced it. They had the support of teachers and classmates, who encouraged this attractive way to express feelings and emotions.

On the day of the event, they did it greatly. Special congratulations to Julieta Rodriguez, 3rd grader, who received the third place by reciting the poem “Boa Constrictor” by Shel Silverstein. We also congratulate our 7th grader, Dominga Beckmann, who received the fourth place by reciting an Ella Wheeler Wilcox poem called “The two kinds of people”.

Enthusiasm, courage, and passion are some of the qualities of all our participants. We acknowledge their participation and thank their commitment. We hope they continue taking part in this amazing and challenging activity.




This year´s participants were:

  • 3rd grade: Julieta Rodríguez and Amalia Aresti
  • 4th grade: Violeta Prado and Julieta Ossa
  • 5th grade: Violeta Merino and Sofía Jiménez
  • 6th grade: Josefina Duke and Sofía Elizalde
  • 7th grade: Dominga Saavedra and Dominga Beckmann
  • 8th grade: Isabel Barraza and Agustina Sironvalle