Lunes 10 de Diciembre de 2018


1er lugar karaoke 2018

Singing has always been part of humanity. It is a natural expression to enjoy, communicate, express feelings, heal, get involved with others, and more. 
On Tuesday 4th and Thursday 6th, the English Department presented the culmination of a two-week process which involved 3th to 11th graders, our KARAOKE 2018.
After a hard work fortnight, 3rd to 6th students had an internal contest to decide which group would be the one on stage. The finalists delighted us on Tuesday with their voices, choreographies, rhythm and sweetness.

The three winners were:

1st place: 4th B. Diamond girls. Song “Diamonds”.

2nd place: 4th A. Meerkats. Song “Where have you been”.

3rd place: 6th A. The Moos. Song “This is me”.


Thursday 6th was the day for 7th graders up. The format here was different. Firstly the whole class had to take part on it. They should nominate a musical directress and a technical crew, dancers and singers would be dancing a  choreography while singing the chosen song. In a two-week period they were supposed to prepare everything, every part of the organisation and further rehearsals should be in English. 
When the day arrived their enthusiasm was really rewarding. Special thanks to our jury, teachers of our school.

The three winners here were:

1st place: 7th A. 

2nd place: 8th A. 

3rd place: 11th AB. 

On both categories the winners won pizzas and 2 group singing lessons at The School of Rock, the runners up won 1 singing lesson and the third place got a present. All classes received diplomas for their participation.

This year the English Department decided to get to stage and make a representation, mixing the songs that had been presented in 2017. Some of the songs danced were “The Lion King”, “Should I stay or should I go”, “Footloose”, “Marry you” and “Another brick in the wall”.  That was a funny challenge that we enjoyed a lot. We plan to repeat this experience next year, but with other enthusiastic guests! 

We congratulate all our students for their involvement, commitment, discipline, creativity, respect and TEAM WORK. This activity is becoming a tradition in our school. THANK YOU GIRLS, you did it greatly!

Dance as though no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt before,
Sing as though no one can hear you,
Live as though heaven is on earth.

source unknown