Lunes 19 de Junio de 2017


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Nowadays, technology is not limited to objects, or tiny/giant screens; it is part of our lives and it forges our living style. To know more about this, we made an IB project within the topic of how technology influences the lives of students and teachers at school.

We divided the class into three groups. Each of them had to create a quiz with 10 to 15 questions, and random people of certain ages had to answer them.

The first group members were Juanita Mansilla, Zara Monardes, Matilde Espinosa, Matilde Rodríguez and Paula Tuñon. They chose to make their research with teachers. They surveyed a sample of different teachers from all levels. Their main objective was to know how attached to gadgets and technology teachers were. The results were a bit shocking: 90% of them answered they feel dependent on technology, and maybe they wouldn’t be able to work without it. Another 70% claimed to use it every day and to be dependent of it as well.

This tells as that not only teenagers and young people use technology, adults too. 

The students of the second group were Natalia Cox, Sofía Rauff, Clara Lyon and Florencia Melet. They chose to investigate the use of technology in very young students (4th to 6th grade). Their purpose was to know and to be aware of how much time they spend on gadgets. The results were better than expected, most of the girls didn’t feel the need of being attached to gadgets all day long, and they preferred to play with friends and to seize the “outside world”. Let’s not discard the idea that there were some exceptions.

The third group members were Antonia Jaque, Ana María Ross, Elisa Lyon, Chloe Roiter and Camila Suau. To carry out their poll they took 5 random samples of every level, 5 girls from 7th grade, and so one for each level. They wanted to know the attachment we all have to technology, and how this influences our private lives (families, friends, and even self-stem). Some questions were focused on how they feel a “slave” of gadgets, or how often we procrastinate, without even noticing it. They also wanted to see how important nature is for teenagers, and how their connection to it is. They made a bright big cell phone which was pasted on the third bathroom floor at school. This phone covered most of the mirror, to every student to see it. A quote was written: “Are your friends just for pictures”? With emphasis on the use of technology and the addiction we have to our cell phone every day, taking pictures or “selfies” with friends, whom maybe we don’t talk to very much daily.

For every group, the first step was to write the quiz, hand it out to the girls and teachers, and then analyze the results, using charts and statistics.  Secondly, we pasted the results and charts on the hall wall to be noticed by the girls when they enter or leave school. Where else could this be better noticeable?

We are able to create virtual connection with friends we probably don’t know they exist, but in “real” life, we can’t even manage our lives, perceptions, proposals, purposes and dreams.

This project was worth all the time we spent on it. Some of the results were unexpected and others were predictable. The implementation of the three investigations was solid and creative. Most important of all, now we can say we are able to have different opinions of the current world we are living in, and to realize we´ve still got time to make changes.

Some ideas given as reflection:


  • “We think we are turning into selfish and individualistic persons”
  •  “The planet has so many beautiful paintings to offer us, so many chances, we just need to take them and make them ours”
  • “Seize our planet and take care of it, because once the damage is done, there is no turning back”
  • “We need to live the now”
  • “Go outside and find a new world”
  • “Take care of your dreams and make them happen, connect with real world”
  • “Choose wisely how you want to live and be”.

Camila Suau, 11th IB