Lunes 09 de Octubre de 2017



On Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th students from 3rd to 8th grade took part in a recitation contest organized by the ESU (English Speaking Union) and hosted at Saint George’s school. Our students were eager to participate in the contest. They received the list of poems two months ago, had time to choose one and then practiced it. The teachers supported them during the whole process, allowing them to perform the poem in front of the class and providing feedback.
Among the participant schools, there were Saint George’s College, Santiago College, Villa María Academy, The Grange School, Sek International School, Orchard College, Craighouse, Redland School (Santiago). Saint Peter´s School, The Mackay School and Saint Margaret´s School. (Viña del Mar). Wessex (Concepción), The International School (La Serena) and others.

All of them did it greatly. Special congratulations to Josefa Krstulovic, 8th grader, who received the third place. “Pepa”, as she introduced herself in the contest, recited the poem “Silence”. She had participated last year and was decided to classify among the finalists. Enthusiasm, courage and passion are some of the qualities of all our participants. We acknowledge their participation and thank their commitment. We hope they continue taking part in this amazing and challenging activity.

Congratulations to all our participants:

3th grade: Esperanza Pons and Sofía Jacobsen
4th grade: Violeta Merino and Sofía Jiménez
5th grade: Lourdes Artigas and Roberta Bustamante
6th grade: Olivia Urrutia and Amelia Duclos
7th grade: Isabel Barraza and Agustina Sironvalle
8th grade: Josefa krstulovic and Dolores Artigas