Lunes 19 de Junio de 2017

Debate at San Pedro Nolasco School

Debate 1

On Monday, June 12th, six students from our school participated in a Friendly English Debate at San Pedro Nolasco School.
The debate motion was, “Advertising aimed at children should be banned.” 
In the first part of the debate we were the Opposition Team (Florencia Silva, Penelope Klotz and Magdalena Urrutia), and San Pedro Nolasco was the Proposition Team. 
In the second part we were the Proposition team (Antonia Far, Emilia Arancibia, and Francisca Concha) and they were the Opposition one.
The four teams did a great job. Their arguments were well prepared and convincing.  Each team used statistics, experts’ opinions, and personal testimony to justify their arguments. In the end of each debate, both judges congratulated the students on their teamwork, their effort, and also gave valuable tips on how to improve in the future. 
We congratulate our students for their commitment, enthusiasm and responsibility and also the teachers of each team Miss María José Espínola and Miss Catalina Pulido for their professionalism.
This was our first experience and we were lucky to live it with a host school characterized by its organization, generosity and companionship. With the experience gained in we will continue participating in debates in the future.