Lunes 27 de Noviembre de 2017

11th Interescholastic Short Story Contest 2017

Cuentos en ingles unab noviembre

I like to write because I can express myself in a deep way. I like to write especially about topics that I care about, like animals. 
Manuela Mardini “Bye bye Piggy”.

I wrote this story thinking about our society and how it is sometimes so close-minded. I like to read a lot but I never thought I was capable of writing something. So, even if this tale goes nowhere, I am proud of reflecting my thoughts into words. 
Chloe Roiter “No more bright pink shoes”.

 I am fabulous so I write fabulous stories, just like you. I wrote this story because I wanted to show how a mental illness actually feels. 
Nita Cox “Set me free”.

The short stories written by our students Manuela Mardini, Chloé Roiter and Natalia Cox were selected among the 20 best stories in the 11th interscholastic Short Story Contest, organized by Universidad Andrés Bello.
Their writings are part of the 2017 printed book. In the ceremony held at UNAB, our students were rewarded with a diploma as well as some printed copies of the book. 
We congratulate them for their creativity, commitment, and enthusiasm. We feel proud of their achievement and encourage them to continue expressing themselves through this complex and subtle art.